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WP Coder – Powerful HTML, CSS, JS and PHP Injection

WP Coder – Powerful HTML, CSS, JS and PHP Injection


WP Coder can embed HTML, JS, CSS and PHP codes directly into your WordPress pages. This plugin allows you to easily manage style issues, add web forms, or introduce interactive features. For more detailed information on each feature, please consult our official documentation.

This plugin is an excellent tool for integrating a variety of scripts or styles, which can enhance your website’s aesthetics, interaction, and overall appeal.

WP Coder gives you the freedom to incorporate diverse elements, constructed using scripts, styles and PHP scripts into virtually any part of your website.

For instance, introducing a pop-up window script or a notifications script to a webpage is effortless, eliminating the need for multiple plugins, thereby avoiding the potential for site performance degradation.


  1. Direct Injection of Codes – Embed HTML, JS, CSS and PHP codes directly to your webpages.
  2. PHP Global – Embed PHP functions on your site.
  3. Test Mode – Test different codes without affecting your live site.
  4. Import/Export Functions – Transfer your code snippets effortlessly across different websites.
  5. Multifunctional Code Editor – Enjoy color syntax highlighting, line numbering, and built-in error checking.
  6. Advanced CSS and JS Options – Have your CSS and JavaScript inline or minified to optimize page loading times.
  7. Integration of External Libraries – With WP Coder, you can tap into the vast pool of third-party libraries, leveraging existing scripts or styles that can significantly optimize your site development. This feature is perfect for not having to reinvent the wheel, and instead, you can build upon the robust releases of global developers to enhance your site’s functionality and appeal.
  8. Easily Embed Shortcodes into HTML Code – Shortcodes provide a convenient way to add complex features to your website without manually writing them into the HTML. With WP Coder, these shortcodes can be easily inserted into your HTML, improving site development speed and simplicity. Whether you’re looking to embed a contact form, add a gallery, or even include custom-designed elements, all these can be done through just a few lines of shortcode, significantly simplifying your website management.
  9. Shortcode content – Using the content inside the shortcode in the html code.

WP Coder is an invaluable tool for all WordPress developers, website owners, and coding enthusiasts. Elevate your WordPress development experience with WP Coder.

Please note: While WP Coder allows for advanced customization and control, improper use may affect your site. Always backup your site before making significant changes.


Plugin includes following Tools

  • Tracking Code Manager – Easily integrate your website with popular platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Pintrest Pixel.
  • Google AdSense – Easily add Google AdSense to your WordPress site. It is possible to disable advertising for authorized users by role.

Plugin includes following Snippets


  • Disable Gutenberg Editor
  • Remove Gutenberg Block CSS
  • Disable Widget Blocks
  • Remove WordPress Version Number
  • Disable XML-RPC
  • Disable Automatic Updates Emails
  • Disable Automatic Updates
  • Disable The WP Admin Bar – show Admin bar only for checked authorized users by role
  • Disable Attachment Pages
  • Disable WordPress REST API
  • Disable Comments
  • Disable Automatic Trash Emptying
  • Disable Emojis
  • Disable ‘Screen Options’ Tab
  • Disable Welcome Panel
  • Disable RSS Feeds
  • Disable Search
  • Disable Login Page Language Switcher
  • Disable Login by Email
  • Disable Comment Form Website URL
  • Disable Self Pingbacks
  • Disable wlwmanifest link
  • Disable Embeds
  • Disable Lazy Load
  • Disable the WordPress Shortlink
  • Disable Admin Password Reset Emails


  • Content Duplication
  • Uploading SVG Files
  • Enable excerpt for pages
  • Enable Shortcode Execution in Text Widgets
  • Enable Featured Images to RSS Feeds
  • Enable Page Slug to Body Class
  • Enable Lowercase Filenames for Uploads
  • Enable default ALT to avatar/Gravatar Images


  • Change logo on Login Page
  • Change URL for logo on Login Page
  • Change Redirect After Login
  • Change Redirect After Logout
  • Change Number of Post Revisions
  • Change oEmbed Max Width and Height
  • Change Read More Text for Excerpts
  • Extend Login Expiration Time

PRO Features

  • Create Custom templates – Design custom templates for pages, posts, categories, and more, infusing your unique code for brand-aligned layouts.
  • Dequeue CSS and JS – Increase site speed by adding only selected styles/scripts and removing redundant resources from the queue to optimize user experience.
  • Conditional Logic – Utilize our Conditional Logic rule to dictate where your code will work: Pages Rules, Devices Rules, Scheduled, Browsers Rules, Users Rules, Language Rules.
  • Uses extra Tools – Enable Style and Script on the Login Page, Enable Maintenance Mode, Enable Extra Icon Enable Breadcrumbs.
  • Shortcode Attributes – Add custom attributes for shortcodes. Embed these attributes into your HTML code for tailored content display.

Pro version is available at wpcoder.pro.


Upgrade to Pro!

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Automatic installation

  1. Log into your WordPress admin
  2. Click Plugins
  3. Click Add New
  4. Search for WP Coder
  5. Click Install Now under “WP Coder”
  6. Activate the plugin
  7. Click link “Settings” or go to the page “Wow Plugins” ⇒ “WP Coder”

Manual installation

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file
  3. Upload the contents of the zip file to the wp-content/plugins/ folder of your WordPress installation
  4. Activate the WP Coder plugin from ‘Plugins’ page.

For more detailed instructions on setting up WP Coder, please refer to our step-by-step guide.


How do I activate WP Coder in Network mode?

If you’re using WordPress in Network mode, WP Coder will need to be activated for each individual site within the network. Unfortunately, the plugin does not support network-wide activation at this time.

Where can I find more detailed documentation?

You can find a complete guide and detailed usage instructions in our official documentation.

How use the shortcode content in HTML code?

If you use content inside the shortcode like [wp_code id="1"]Some Text[/wp_code], you can use the text in the HTML code uses the variable {{$shortcode_content}}.

Can I insert any shortcode into the HTML block content?

Absolutely, you can embed any shortcode into the HTML block content using WP Coder. This flexibility not only allows you to include shortcodes from other plugins, but you can also use shortcodes specifically from WP Coder itself, adding a layer of convenience to your customization process.

How can I use the tag feature in the ‘Publish’ block?

Tags in WP Coder are useful for categorizing and grouping your code snippets. When you create an item (a code snippet), you have the option to assign a tag to it in the ‘Publish’ block. This tag can help you organize your snippets and make them easier to filter in the list of items. To assign a tag, simply enter the name of your tag in the ‘Tag’ field when creating or editing an item.

How do I use the link feature in the ‘Publish’ block?

The link feature in the ‘Publish’ block allows you to attach a link to the page where your shortcode is inserted. This way, you can always track where you’ve placed a particular shortcode. You can set this by entering the URL of the page in the ‘Link’ field when creating or editing your code snippet in WP Coder.


September 18, 2023 1 reply
Works, except string literals, like message = We can make change for ${totalString} with ${nickelsString} nickels and ${penniesString} pennies!; document.querySelector(‘#status’).innerHTML = message; , display with missing whitespace. Instead of just adding my js code to the page, this plugin breaks it into some weird eval function that doesn’t work with whitespace: eval(function(p, a, c, k, e, d) {
August 8, 2023 2 replies
Indeed the latest version of the plugin has new useful features but I revert back to the older version. The new update ruined 26 web apps I had live in community along with custom pages for premium community members. Kind of ruined 2 years of hard work so who’s going to fix that?! Reverted back to older version yet some of the custom pages didn’t got fixed. :/ It supposed to simplify things not making it harder to recode.
May 24, 2023 1 reply
Thank you dear, you’re doing a good job.Good luck and prosperity!
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Contributors & Developers

“WP Coder – Powerful HTML, CSS, JS and PHP Injection” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Upgrade to Pro!


  • Change: User access for use the plugin


  • Added: Tool “Tracking Code Manager” for integrate Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Pintrest Pixel;
  • Added: Tool ‘Google AdSense’ for integrate Google AdSense on the site;
  • Added: users roles for snippet ‘Disable The WP Admin Bar’;
  • Changed: link to the back;


  • Added: Snippets page with pre-set the most popular snippet.


  • Added: Button for add image in HTML code
  • Added: HTML Minificator
  • Improvement: CSS Minificator


  • Fixed: minor bug with plugin database.


  • Added: the buttons ‘Add new’ and ‘All Codes’ in the code editor
  • Fixed: Admin Style


  • Fixed: save into the database


  • Added: Global PHP block
  • Added: Using the content inside the shortcode in the HTML code
  • Added: Ability to copy the shortcode by clicking on the icon next to the shortcode
  • Changed: Remove any included file, not just the last one in the ‘Includes’ tab.
  • Changed: Admin Style.
  • Changed: Shortcode from [WP-Coder] on [wp_code]. Old shortcode still work


  • Fixed: minor bug with update
  • Fixed: admin notification


  • Fixed: updated datatable.


  • Fixed: Inline scripts and styles.


  • Fixed: Execution queue for styles and scripts.


  • Fixed: update and save items.
  • Fixed: change the capability for the admin page plugin.


  • Added: ‘Test Mode’ and ‘Status’ for items.
  • Added: ‘Tag’ and ‘Link Options.’
  • Added: ‘Inline’ and ‘Minified’ options to the CSS block.
  • Added: JavaScript (JS) block options include ‘JQuery Dependency,’ ‘Inline,’ ‘Minified,’ and ‘Attribute.’
  • Added: Attributes for JavaScript in the ‘Includes block.’
  • Added: ‘Export/Import’ function.
  • Updated: Database structure.
  • Updated: The style of the admin interface.


  • Fixed: minor bug in page-list


  • Fixed: minor bug


  • Fixed: security update


  • Fixed: security update


  • Fixed: minor bug on main page of the plugin


  • Fixed: minor bug.


  • Added: alternative shortcode.
  • Added: processing shortcodes inserted into the HTML code


  • Fixed: Adding tag in HTML code
  • Fixed: shortcode code


  • Fixed: deleting item
  • Fixed: saving into database


  • Fixed: minor bugs


  • Fixed: order of connection scripts and styles


  • Fixed: Saving in the database


  • Added: Codemirror
  • Optimized: file storage
  • Changed: admin style


  • Fixed: display shortcode in content


  • Initial release